A Melody of The
Natural Healing Arts

Multidisciplinary, multifaceted, multi-dimensional
approaches to Vibrational and Energy Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Quantum Healing, Spiritual Psychology, Ancient Wisdom and the Psychology of Disease and Health.

 click here Sedona, AZ. Sept 16th - 30t, 2017

The "Results Guaranteed" Retreat will from a bridge between these ancient truths and cutting-edge modern discoveries. An overview of the new medicine and how it integrates modern science and ancient wisdom.  No matter what you call it, a medical revolution is radically changing American health cares. Today, more than 60 percent of all Americans use some form of alternative or non-traditional healing techniques. Increasingly, doctors and health care practitioners are integrating the precision of modern science with ancient healing techniques.

Come join us for a phenomenal 14-day Retreat/Intensive in the enchantingly secluded retreat center in Sedona's magical, mystical energy. Learn unsurpassed healing techniques.  Enjoy classes and cozy accommodations at a great Retreat Centre on Ancient Healing Grounds.
* Luxuriate in the delightful vortexes
* Delight in the star crusted dark skies.
* Awaken to the melodious sounds of birds and pristine clean air.
* Enjoy 3 delicious, healthy meals a day.
*  Have the opportunity to study with a
Medicine Man and Peruvian Healers.



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