The Children of Peru

I have had the honor of being Mama Sharon to hundreds of
Peruvian children since 1992. Some of these precious children currently live in orphanages which we help support and Willoq in the mountains outside of Ollantaytambo. We also assist numerous families in the villages of Ollantaytambo and the
Sacred Valley. Please go to  to read about our Projects.
  I decided to start the Path of the Heart Fund, because I realized that I could no longer do it all alone. More children
require sponsorship.
  One of the main purposes of Path of the Heart's Programs is to empower young people who will make the world a better place for others, not just for themselves.

The impact of today's most powerful "social entrepreneurs" is rooted in who they were as young people. Guided by values they fully embrace; empathy, integrity and compassion, then went on from this essential foundation to teamwork and leadership. We encourage our youngsters to become caring, powerful change-makers, nothing can stop them in life. Developing these kinds of young leaders is Path of the Heart's greatest Mission. Washi, Carlos and Maria Lilliana are prime examples.

As you can see, much work needs to be done. The world would lose some of its brightness if the light of
these children were not shining out into it.

These exceptional children will come of age in time to take leadership roles in the completely transformed world predicted to come to pass over the next dozen years.

Let us welcome them. Let us support them. They are our future.
Read and learn about just a glimpse of what was accomplished in Peru in 2010. Download PDF file  


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