Children Living on the Streets

Children living on the streets - the vast majority of whom have suffered from sexual, physical and emotional abuse, urgently need Enlightened Givers who will help us to continue providing homes, food, clothes, nurturing, education, and a chance at life. Will you be one of them? I hope so!

There are many more like these badly abused children. Please join us in helping and empowering, motivating and inspiring.  My
burning desire and commitment is to have a world where all children/people are valued. I know that through compassion,
education, inspiration, and hard work we can achieve this massive goal.

The first children we took under our wing years ago now have opened their own food lines and programs for the poor and
destitute! Click on the Washington and Carlos links to read their heart-warming story.

Children of the Street

Another battered child found
Just lying in the street.
Angel with a dirty face
Who needs a place to sleep.
Those who care cannot be found
To give a life or home.
These children of great poverty
The streets where they roam.
How can they seek out comfort
From any human being
When people who wear uniforms
Will torture as they scream?
These children have a message
That we cannot accept.
They huddle with the masses
Do things we don’t expect.
They struggle to survive in life
Who then will show the way.
Can one person really matter
I found that person today….

~Francine J. Pucillo~
Sharon, did you ever think you could make such a difference? How blessed we are to come as orphans and leave as beloved children who no longer need to abandon ourselves for past fears, guilt and shame. God bless you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and suspect all do whose lives you touch. How fortunate we are to have you on this planet. Sitting here drinking chi and knowing I am so blessed.

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