In healing ourselves, our families and Mother Earth:
If you are aware of synchronistic moments in your life and/or have read Celestine Prophecy and The Power of Intention then you know it is not a coincidence that you have arrived at our website and are reading this invitation to join us for one or more of our events.  We offer unparalleled opportunities for personal, transformational and spiritual growth via Sacred Journeys, retreats, seminars, workshops and private consultations.
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"I found Dr. Forrest's "It Works!" to be transformative. An amazing process! Clarity, profound understanding, compassion and self-forgiveness emerged. As a result, I have my life back. I highly recommend her therapies to individuals and families stuck in painful unresolved issues of blame, grief, anger, depression, trauma, abuse and those interested in under-standing and breaking multigenerational patterns."
- Debbie

Updated December 2015

Schedule of Life-Enhancing Events

For information please call 604-239-HEAL (4325) or 604-385-1111


May 16 ~ 30, 2015 ~ Peru - Sacred Valley
Volunteering with a group of friends to build our Volunteer house and a school for the elders.

June 10 - 14, 2015 ~ Kelowna, B.C.
June 10 ~ FREE TALK/SHARING on the fascinating sciences of: a) Egyptian Numerology, b) Past Lives, c) plus if you are on track 2015 is The Year of Miracles!
We will also feature a short Slide Show on our exceptional Sacred Journeys to Machu Picchu, Peru and her power sites, plus our Paskay Projects for "Street" and severely deprived children. June 11 + 12 Private Sessions available
June 11 CCMBA Evening class
June 12 - 14 Egyptian Numerology + Soul Journeys, Doorways to your Soul, profound understanding and healing! + Pyramid Initiation
It is time to share our truth, the truth of who we are and were created to be. The bridge between science and our most treasured ancient wisdoms!
During this workshop you will learn how to do your Egyptian Numbers and the Numbers of friends and loved ones. Journey back through time to understand how your main Karmic Lessons have come up lifetime after lifetime. Transform Karma through Spiritual Alchemy and the Law of Grace. Recognize the Divine purpose of painful experiences and relationships and heal them. Take your power back! Many little surprises!
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June 23 - 29, 2015 ~ Kansas City, MI
ISSSEEM Conference on Subtle Energy & Science

July + August, 2015 ~ Surrey/White Rock, BC
Many little surprises!

July 7th, 2015 ~ Calgary, AB
Guest Speaker at the Questers. 'Above and Beyond Sacred Journeys to Peru.' Magical mystical Peru where magic happens! Slide show + out of the ordinary phenomena. Merope Gervais
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July 15 - Free Talk/Sharing on topic below + short Slide Show on our Peru projects for "Street" and severely deprived children.
July 16, 17 + 20 - Private Sessions with Dr. Sharon are available
July 16 - CCMBA Evening class
July 17 - 19, Just For The Health Of It Become An Exceptionally Empowered Healer. Energy Medicine, Vibrational Medicine, Quantum & Energy Healing. Certification Workshop.
Fast, simple, effective! An unparalleled opportunity to experience + awaken indescribable healing powers. Amaze yourself! Equally suitable for longtime Healers, Professional Health Care Providers and Beginners. Not just a workshop it's an awesome experience! Ken 403-532-3137
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August 28 - Sept 11, 2015 ~ Vancouver Island, B.C.
"RESULTS GUARANTEED" RETREAT. All inclusive 2-week Intensive - Facilitator Certification Training & Melody of Integrative Healing Arts. Are you interested in progressive healing modalities, complimentary, alternative and integrative medicine, personal and spiritual growth and energy psychology + combining the practical application and science of the world's ancient medical traditions? If so, take advantage of this exceptional and unparalleled opportunity to learn and experience the innovative, groundbreaking work of Dr. Sharon Forrest and her assistants.
This Program that will greatly enhance all areas of your personal and professional life! It forms a bridge between ancient truths and the latest discoveries. A Melody of Integrative Healing Arts and the cutting edge in Energy and Vibrational Healing, Behavioral and Preventive Medicine Quantum Physics, Neuro-Sciences, Epigenetics, Spiritual and Energy Psychology. Come join us for a life-enhancing journey into the amazing experience, art and science of true healing. . Small group participation. Only 24 lucky people!
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Sept. 18 - 21, 2015 ~ Penticton, B.C. ~ Wise Women's Festival
#1: The famous CCMBA + CCSMC Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment & CCSMC Complete Cellular Soul Memory Clearing. Electro-magnetic Phenomena!
#2: Miracles and Past Lives: Uncovering the treasures of the soul. Near Death Experiences and Near Life Experiences.

Sept. 25 - 27, 2015 ~ White Rock/Surrey, B.C. Healing the Wounds ~ Breaking Old Patterns + Multigenerational Healing
The deepest wounds we all carry are locked in our subconscious - out of our everyday awareness. Uncover them and HEAL! Very small group participation to ensure personal attention and healing!
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Nov. 25 - Feb. 2016 ~ South America
Volunteering & Writing my books

Dec. 12 - 23, 2015 ~ PERU ~ Machu Picchu, Sacred Journeys22 ~ Sacred Sites, Sacred Service + "Chocolatada Fiesta� 12 Days of Exceptional Experiences!
Walk the Ancient Initiatory Path of Sacred Service + Spiritual Evolution in the Mystical Mecca of Peru. Way beyond a tour for tourists! YOU EXPERIENCE! Join a small group of like-minded people! Enrich lives!! 604-239-4325

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